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Three Podcasting Tips You Can Take into Account

Podcasts have become wildly popular in the last few years. Many see their arrival to the mainstream as a renaissance of radio as a mass medium. With the advent of digital content, it seemed for a while that the world had lost radio as a mass media entity. Podcasts are essentially like radio, except they stream on-demand and directly to the consumer.

One of the key reasons behind the rising popularity of podcasts is the ease of the medium. One can easily plug into a podcast with a number of platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and many other free podcast apps. Secondly, podcasts are easier to listen to on the move. Surveys have shown that podcasts are most famous among working people. People commuting to work find it difficult to walk around while watching a video. Listening to a podcast, on the other hand, is much easier.

Since the trend of podcasting is still relatively new, it is not taught as a subject of learning at typical digital marketing institutes. Despite being at a nascent stage in markets like India, podcasts are still being accepted by many digital marketers. This is one trend no one in digital marketing wants to miss out on.

Again, since the trend is still new, people making podcasts do not yet have a defined playbook to work with. There are no rules or guidelines to make podcasts. While this can be helpful at times, having no idea of what to do can be equally disturbing.

In this article, we discuss three podcasting tips creators should take into account while making a podcast next.

Do Not be Afraid to Choose Small Topics

Despite podcasting being a new field, major players have already gained access to broad audiences.

According to Gaurav Heera, If you choose broad niches like fitness and current affairs, you might face stiff competition. The smart thing to do is to identify a narrow audience that nobody else is targeting. Once your reputation in that niche is solidified, trying expanding your audience with broader topics.

Conduct Extensive Research

Generally, people like to listen to unedited podcasts. Authenticity is a valuable trait to have in today’s world. So, when you sit down to record a podcast, make sure you know everything you’re supposed to on the subject.

This is especially true if you tend to record long podcasts. If you forget something while recording and pause the recording, the experience of a listener is impeded. Thus, it is wise to do your research before the podcast.

Invite Guests

While the traditional format of your podcast can involve you addressing the audience alone, inviting guests to appear on the podcast is not a bad idea either. Many podcasters have guests coming on to podcasts via Skype, while others go the traditional route and have guests recording in person. Having a guest is good for a podcast as it helps widen the base of audience and find new people.

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, we cover three podcasting tips creators can take home and apply to their own audio content.

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