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Making Social Media Work with Content Marketing

Social Media


There is a phase in the beginning of a digital marketer’s career when the misnomer of every practice of digital marketing being mutually exclusive sets in. At the start of their life in digital marketing, professionals view every major part of digital marketing from a different perspective.

In reality, digital marketing is a connected ecosystem where any given activity ends up having spillover effects on another practice. For instance, a good social media strategy ensures digital marketers can direct sizable traffic to their website. Increased traffic to website causes SEO metrics to shoot up and improve the search rankings of a website.

One particular practice which has a deep impact on a wide range of digital marketing activities is content marketing. Any type of marketing, be it traditional or digital, can be optimized to connect more profoundly with a given set of audience through content. Some of the most successful ad campaigns in history are still remembered for their memorable tagline.

In most courses related to digital marketing, there is a general need for content marketing to be a mainstay topic of learning. From an online training program to a digital marketing course, content marketing is common across the spectrum.

In this article, we discuss how content marketing can be used to optimize a social media marketing campaign.


A quality often forgotten in social media, storytelling is a sure shot of way of making people associate with a brand and goes beyond the typical customer-company dynamic.

Off-late, brands have stopped using storytelling as a key marketing tool. This is partly because it is not an easy practice to teach or perform. Digital marketers have to step beyond the conventional bonds of outreach and promotion and develop a coherent narrative around the brand.

With content marketing, storytelling is much easier. Content marketing is the practice that ensures any content created resonates with the audience.

Image Optimization

According to Delhi Courses Academy in a press conference, Images are often considered separate from content marketing, another misnomer common in digital marketing. In fact, content comes in all forms. While textual content is more common, images, videos, and audio content also fall under content marketing.

Image optimization is an important part of content marketing especially considering its role in social media. Engagement on social media is driven by how interactive and engaging a given post is. By image optimization and content marketing, digital marketers can ensure any given social media post has a good shot at getting quality engagement.

In Conclusion

In digital marketing, there are only a handful of practices isolated from content marketing. While a digital marketer can work in the field without knowing content marketing, it is difficult for the same person to ensure career growth. Social media is one amongst many platforms where content marketing can be used to reach a large proportion of the audience.

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